[ANN] Flash - A Simple Game

by Andrew Chilton

Posted 2 years ago in category apps.

Firstly, I'd like to announce a new app called Flash. As is customary, here are all the links you need for this app:

Now that you have all the links, feel free to view the source code, or remix it yourself so you can use it and follow along.


In the main Glitch editor, you are able to upload any binary files to your assets as you see fit (up to 512MB worth as specified in the FAQ). Of course this means you can also upload images too and display them from within your pages.

Once I'd seen this I decided that I wanted to make a FlashCard game for my 4 year old based on all of the Thomas and Friends characters. He already knows 98% of them but I thought we could also have some fun trying to spell them as well as finding those characters on the keyboard.

Hence the flash-thomas game was born : https://flash-thomas.glitchapps.org/

Of course, making a small skeleton app in Glitch is (as always) my aim so that you can also remix it and either change it or upload your own images, the links for which you can see above.


The main aim I wanted to try here was creating a package to help you with parsing your .glitch-assets file, and the ability to map an answer back to a UUID contained in that file.

For parsing the .glitch-assets file, I created a new package (now on npm) called glitch-assets which you can now use from within your own Glitches:

As for mapping the answers back to these assets, well, that's just a plain JSON file read from and written to by the app itself. Nothing overly interesting there in the end.

I hope you have fun playing the game. Feel free to remix, update, improve, fix bugs, or do whatever you like and please let me know so I can see what you did. Many thanks.

Tags: game, assets.